My Story

Hi, I am Jennifer Croes, aka “Jungle Jenn” – a ‘rare and endangered’ species: Conservation Scientist, Communicator, Collaborator and Catalyst.

I am a vibrant, motivated, creative and dynamic business professional and recently a documentary filmmaker, with 19 years work experience. I specialise in blending business, marketing and communication skills with conservation science. I’ve also recently turned my talents to being on-camera, producing and presenting wildlife documentaries.

Born in the Netherlands, I have called the ‘world’ home as a global adventurer and animal crusader on my personal quest to make a difference in conservation. I took a leap of faith in 2005, leaving my corporate career behind to follow my dreams and passion for wildlife. Whilst living and working in the Amazon, rehabilitating animals from the illegal wildlife and pet trade in Bolivia, I had an ‘epiphany’ when I struck up a special a bond with a puma called “Tequila” who inspired me to fulfill my passion for wildlife conservation as a job. My dream: to follow in the footsteps of my idol, Sir David Attenborough, and encourage people to reconnect to the natural world and be part of the “conservation solution”. I am particularly interested in looking at the link between human behaviour and our relationship to nature and I am passionate in solving the issue of illegal wildlife trade. I have a Masters in Science from Imperial College, London and a Bachelor of Arts and Commerce.

In my mad, crazy journeys throughout the world to experience life, I have contracted dengue fever, amoebic dysentery and a flesh eating foot disease: I’ve been robbed and survived an unforgettable taxi ride in Bolivia, and thrown off many horses and mountain bikes, among other catastrophes!

I have Dutch-Indonesian heritage, speak both languages and have lived, studied, worked and travelled in Indonesia, the Netherlands, China, Tibet, Bolivia, USA and New Zealand as well as other countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. I am based in beautiful Byron Bay on the NSW North Coast, Australia.

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A few fun facts

My favourite colour is green. I live for the water, being surrounded by trees and getting lost in the forest. I love dancing and music, boogie boarding and surfing (although nor particularly good…. at all!) and intrigued by photography. I suffer from Wanderlust and love getting off the beaten track exploring new destinations and cultures. The one thing I can’t live without is my daily coffee and bright lipstick – my trademark! I have recently become addicted to Yin Yoga and all its weird and wonderful poses and how it makes me feel!