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I am a natural communicator and storyteller with an extensive work portfolio. My strength is building relationships and acting as the conduit between a problem and its solution, translatable across all different sectors, from conservation to business. With a change management and strategy consulting background, I am able to identify a problem and come up with strategic, engaging solutions to raise awareness and encourage public engagement and mobilisation. I specialise in conservation communication and collaboration – bringing to light, topical issues that matter in our everyday lives as we can all play a part in making this a better, more sustainable world for generations to follow. I have successfully initiated and implemented global campaigns to raise awareness of topical issues and mobilise people to take action, including;

  • Earth Hour 2010
  • World Wide Views (WWViews) on Global Warming
  • Save the Cassowary campaign
  • Save the Tasmanian devil
  • Illegal wildlife trade

I believe that by raising awareness we can achieve behavioural change for a better world. Engaging, fun, realistic and authentic messages, is the difference between action and inaction and towards a genuine shift in consumer behavior, attitudes and perceptions. And that’s what I do.

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I can sell ice-creams to Eskimos. A big statement? Yes, but I believe in what I stand for and what I represent, so if your organisation requires movement building, a change for the better, raising awareness, run a campaign, fundraising, communication management or a media spokesperson I may be able to help you.

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I offer the following services:

Public Speaker/Media Spokesperson

I have extensive media and public speaking experience and was invited to speak at TEDx Ubud in 2014. I was nominated for the Telstra Women’s Business – Community Category Award in 2010 and in 2014 was awarded the Sir Edward Weary Fellowship to participate in the Asialink Leadership program in recognition of my leadership in the Asia-Pacific region. Some of my public speaking engagements include:

 Devil Ark – November 2015 – Media liaison and spokesperson for the project’s wild release of Tasmanian devils back to Tasmania

TEDxUbud 2014 – September 2014 – Invited speaker to present on wildlife trade and human’s disconnect to Nature

Society of Conservation Biology (SCB) – Melacca, Malaysia August 2014 – Present illegal wildlife trade research results

Zoological and Aquarium Association (ZAA) conference – Auckland, New Zealand March 2014 – Present on the outcomes of the Save the Cassowary campaign and building collaborative partnerships

Zoological and Aquarium Association (ZAA) Education and Interpretation conference, Auckland, NZ March 2014 – Invited speaker about community engagement, mobilisation and outreach.

Save the Cassowary campaign – National, 2014 – Campaign and media spokesperson

Earth Hour 2010 – Campaign and media spokesperson

Ubud Readers & Writers Festival 2008 – Ubud, Bali 2008 – Invited speaker and panel member for the Conservation Challenges in 21st Century Indonesia session, in collaboration with speakers from The Nature Conservancy, Fauna & Flora International and Birdlife Indonesia.

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  • Website design and content

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