Devil Ark – Campaign Manager

Better the devil you know….

High in the hills of the Barrington Tops is a critical project working to save the endangered Tasmanian devil. Devil Ark is a not for profit charity, dedicated to protect the Tasmanian devil, at risk of extinction due to the fatal, Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). With less than 10% remaining in the wild, Devil Ark is the largest conservation, captive-breeding program on mainland Australia, to create a healthy, insurance population for release back into the wild.

Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing hope is not lost in our quest to save a species from possible extinction. As Campaign Manager, I was tasked to reinvigorate the campaign for wider exposure and increased funding. I designed and developed a new interactive website and wrote all the content and created a new “Devil Adoption” program as an income stream. I built new partnerships and increased media exposure in the lead up to the program’s major milestone, the first release of Devil Ark devils back home to Tasmania in November 2015.

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